Info-graphic Animations

Mainly used in Businesses for concept Explanation or Fact revealing videos. Basically graphic visual representation of info, data, or Facts intended to present information quickly and clearly. increase of a number of easy-to-use, free tools have made the creation of infographics available to a large segment of the population. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have also allowed individual infographics to be spread among many people around the world. Infographics are widely used in the age of short attention span.

Whiteboard Animation

This type of animation used by YouTube Creators and Marketeers and people who want a storyboard for narration.It looks as if a person physically draws and records an illustrated story using a whiteboard and marker pens. The animations frequently are aided with narration by script. The authors commonly use time-lapsed drawing and stop motion animation to liven hand drawn illustrations, with YouTube used as a common platform. It is also used in television and internet advertisements to communicate to consumer’s in a personal way.

Explainer Videos

Mainly used to create an animated advertisement for a Brand/ Service/ Product. An explainer video is a short animated video commonly used by businesses to quickly tell their brands’ stories in a memorable way. 

Thousands of businesses big and small have found that incorporating a short, compelling video has helped them expand their brand p

2D Animations

An 2D animated advert is able to summarize your entire advertising campaign in a brief visual which includes sound, empowering you with a product to get your concept across before the viewer moves on. Animation allows you to create characters that do not need to be realistic and imagine virtual worlds far removed from our everyday lives, allowing you to capture a viewer’s imagination while you tell your story. One role of animation in advertising is that is helps improve your communication with prospective customers.

3D Animations

Unlike 2D animation, which works best for simple ideas that require a clear-cut message, 3D animation is suited to more imaginative concepts and enables brands to challenge norms with their marketing efforts.It’s immersive and engaging, helping viewers feel a part of the video experience rather than sitting on the outside looking in. 3D is also extremely versatile; it can take on a wide range of tones, styles, and formats to meet your specific needs.