What are its current prospects

and Reality check?

Adding few degrees to your vision


1) Retail

  • Why Flip over every single product
    to see the details. Just use
    Augmented Reality and select the
    best for you.
  • Guide Yourself to the exact rack
    where your Favourite product is placed
    without bothering the attendant.
  • The store can use AR to promote
    various Schemes like
    “BUY 1 GET 1 FREE”

2) Education

  • What will you prefer if you are a
    biology student, A skeleton in a Book
    or a Skeleton lying on the Table.
  • No Hardware to carry just install
    the app in your smartphone.
  • The long lasting impact AR can
    leave on a learning child cannot be
    substituted by anyother means.

3) Marketing

  • Let user himself explore your
    products and create interest in
    your brand.
  • Enhance the brand value and
    attract the end customer at a
    very low cost.
  • Creates a Gimmick amongst
    users that increases word of mouth.

4) Interior Designing

  • Sometimes we spend all our
    money and then we feel Hey! It’s
    not looking Good.
  • Change everything Virtually
    beforehand and Save your money.
  • Not only Colors of wall but AR
    can guide you on selection of
    right furniture and where it will
    look Suitable

5) Cosmetics

  • With AR Select the right color that
    suits you rather than spending hours
    on Thinking.
  • Not Only Lipstics and Hair color, AR
    can help you choose the right
    Accessories like Spectacles and Earings.
  • The cosmetic industries can also use
    AR by creating Trial Screens on their.

6) Navigation

  • Move ahead of 2D Google maps and
    search our destination from the real
  • See ratings and offers running live in
  • The Marketeers can use AR as an
    opportunity to increase foot fall at a



  • simulate the exact environment of your production line.
  • create a training facility for any newcomer/Fresh recruitment.
  • Train Virtually to avoid Errors in Realtime.

2)Real Estate

  • Take the sample flats direct to the clients instead of clients coming to see the flat.
  • The Display & sale of the projects can be initiated before the project starts.
  • One can see multiple options in less duration.


  • Engage-Impact- influence
  • Enhance the brand value and influence the end customer.
  • Attract the exact generation for your product.

4)Gaming and fest

  • Why should all college fest be the same playing traditional pen and ring games.
  • nothing can attract more eyeballs than a guy playing games on VR.
  • Experience the virtual world at it’s peak with high resolution 360 Degree Games.

5)Medical and life risk

  • Conduct simulations beforehand practising life risk situations and mock drills.
  • Take your time to analyse and be adaptive to the situation while in VR so as you remain calm in the real life situation.
  • work on task based scenerios with simulating real time tools in VR.


  • May it be Geography or Biology VR will leave a mark on the learning child.
  • Make learning fun but knowledgeble at the same time.
  • with VR experience no one is a backbencher now.