VR Xpert

About Us

VR XPERT ANIMATION STUDIO was started with a vision to serve the consumers with good quality content which is highly effective in storytelling and has great impact. Founded in 2017 and we continue to grow at a rapid rate with higher creativity and production day by day. Though started by taking small steps which eventually grew bigger in all aspects including creativity, quality & timely output , hard work etc. to lay a strong foundation of some of our award winning works & concepts. Most of the Animation and Film industry being in Mumbai & other Tier-I cities, VR XPERT was born to serve the people of our region and generate employment locally .
No one can add better taste to your story, apart from your homegrown talent with a blend of skilled artists from various other corners of the country . With the advancement of latest technological trends we tend to unite art & technology for better, faster and creative content development to cater to the fast moving needs of the end consumer of the content. At VR XPERT we distinctly recognise the statistical behavior & insights of the audience before developing content on various artistic fronts.

Our Story

VR XPERT is an animation & design studio to cater to the tailor-made needs of the prestigious organizations of the world. We have an In-House production team for curating exceptional content for Cartoon episodes & kids rhymes, short & Full-length feature films, OTT | TV and other media . Creativity and technology being pillars to our organization, we love directing and producing creative content designed for various mediums, platforms and their viewers. Whatever be the timelines and the budget we are always committed to deliver best quality unique content.

Sahibnoor Singh


“The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation”.
These are the best two words to define the man behind the company making it rise day by day in an entrepreneurial manner.
He has grown the company from a small team of 5 people to manifold it.
An Award winning Film-Maker, he has directed web series, short films and more…

Jagnoor Singh


“Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop”.
Day in and day out the extraordinary effort and sleepless nights has fueled the company to reach great heights. He has extensive experience in the whole lifecycle of nurturing and developing unique and valuable content while playing with camera’s & other photographic equipments

Group Companies

VR XPERT MEDIA SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a house of solutions for all your media needs ranging from photography to animation, film making along with technology aspects of these fields. It has various branches and brands under it to cater to your unique requirements for matching up highest quality standards




As Art has become increasingly interactive, it is partnering up with cutting-edge digital technologies to gear up and make new innovations .This Field requires a broad understanding and an advanced level of knowledge in technology. This is what makes us different from others. We adopt technological evolutions in animation as per requirement in various animation forms. Keeping Art as the leader, technology boosts up the leader constantly for a fast and quality product output that breaks all barriers of the leading contents in the market and we kept on growing year on year.