VR Xpert



Right strategy is the main ingredient for success and that is our primary goal at the very first step. We plan and strategize to brainstorm the ideas and work upon the best one selected from them.

2.Concept & Script

Generating a unique approach to solve customer issues is what we ensure. We start by collaborating closely with you to understand your vision and goals. Whether you have a clear concept or just a rough idea, our team of experienced creatives will help refine and develop it into a compelling story.

3.Design & Illustration

We then turn our plans into actions to design a whole new concept as per your needs.Our talented artists design characters, backgrounds, and props that fit the style and tone of your project. We ensure every element is visually captivating and aligned with your brand or message.


Our skilled animators use cutting-edge technology to breathe life into your characters and scenes. We meticulously animate each frame to ensure smooth and engaging motion .We keep no stones unturned while delivering our final product.


With all approvals & amendments the product is ready to be launched. We provide you with the finished animation in the format of your choice, whether it's for broadcast, web, or any other platform. We also offer guidance on how to effectively share and promote your animation.Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Genereal FAQ’s

Yes, we produce a variety of content for various projects simultaneously.
We’ll use all our experience and considerable creative skills to find a unique animation style that not only fits your budget but also produces an effective storytelling concept.
We have a dedicated team of artists that can produce any style of art and animation varying from Peppa Pig, Cocomellon , Chota Bheem, Tom & Jerry, Oggy & the Cockroach, Powerpuff girls, Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Doremon, Ladybug, Masha & Bear, Family Guy, shinchan, Adventure times, Gravity Falls One Piece and the list goes on.
Yes, we can assign a team specifically for your project
We can produce for any Platform you want the content to be released on. Various OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube etc. along with TV Channels, theatrical releases and many more.
Yes, one or multiple dedicated project managers will be allocated to the project, as per the requirements that will help you through the entire process from the very beginning. He or she will also keep in touch and contact you in case of any milestones, checkpoints and answering your queries.
We use Agile Development technology in managing our projects with a great aptitude to respond to changes
We have Wow specialists in-house who can provide a wide range of services on all latest softwares. The software used depends on the chosen technology and type of the project.
We provide all services ranging from Pre-production : Scriptwriting, storyboarding, Animatics, Concept Art, Character design, Background Design, Modeling & texturing etc to Production services including 2D Animation,3D Animation, Rigging, Lighting & Rendering. Last but not the least we have our post production services including Compositing, VFX, Editing, Music etc
We can surely help you in getting all required certifications from various government and private bodies before releasing your content. Also we provide legal aid for all types of licensing and merchandise
Project timelines can vary depending on complexity, style of animation, video’s length, the number of characters, the technology chosen, Please contact our team for your specific requirements.
Yes, we provide social media promotion packages including Trailer, Teasers, Reels ,Posters and other promotional content along with social media handling of your channels.
We have a large production team that can provide you any number of episodes ranging from 1 per week and even 1 per day if needed, depending upon the style of animation and requirements
Cost depends upon project specifications and animation style. That’s the most popular question for every creator who is truly interested in creating outstanding videos. Lots of factors influence the final price for your video: technique, animation style, video duration, the complexity of the plot and the script, any deadlines you might have.Please request a custom quote for the same.
Yes, We offer all preproduction services including scriptwriting, storyboarding, and concept art.
You will be assigned a dedicated project manager that will brainstorm the ideas and after final quotation approval we can start working on the pre-production part from script and voiceovers and then the whole pipeline continues further. Please connect with our team to start working today.
Yes, we provide all Music related services including voice talent, sound design, music composition, and audio production. Artists of all international and regional languages are available with us.
Yes, Be assured that we maintain strict confidentiality and respect your intellectual property rights. High level network security is operational in our premises to prevent any kind of breach.
Yes, Our Digital and L&M teams specialize in distributing programs across multiple platforms through our partnership with broadcasters, VOD, digital channels and ancillary rights, thereby assisting you in distribution along with promotion and marketing.
List of our happy clients is long but broadly we have worked closely with Media houses, Content Producers & distributors, TV houses, Film Producers, Cartoon Channels, Education , Marketing , Merchandising etc.